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5 ways reading makes life better

In school we’re all assigned books we might not otherwise have read.  Sometimes these  can be tedious to read.  As a student, these were my least favorite books.  If someone told me I needed to read it, I instantly decided that I didn’t want to.

Me?  Stubborn?  Noooooo……

I firmly believe that reading for fun is an essential part of life.  And so, when I was assigned a book in class, I would balance out my reading life by choosing a ‘fun’ book of my own to read at home.  For every couple of chapters of the dry/informative/teacher assigned book I managed to drudge through, I rewarded myself with a chapter of a favorite science fiction/fantasy novel.

All of this reading, assigned or chosen, truly altered me for the better.  I am, by nature, quite the introvert.  Reading helps me to open up to the world around me.  If I find a good book, one that excites and interests me, I can’t help but tell people about it.  Reading makes me question everyday things that I otherwise would just accept.  I ask why?  what if? how? about everything.  Like a toddler stuck in the terrible-two stage, I question EVERYTHING.  And sometimes I even find answers.  If not, I make up my own, and a new story is born.

There are so many little ways that reading enhances life, that I thought I should come up with a list.  You know, in case there are still people out there who doubt the benefits of reading.  🙂


Reading opens the door to new experiences.


Book clubs, book signings, and events like BookCon are all experiences that enrich your reading life.  Reading allows you to connect with others who share a common interest.


Reading allows you to travel vicariously through others.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the means or the time to travel the globe.  Reading books about other countries or fantastical worlds allows me to ‘travel’ from the comfort of my recliner or the local coffee shop.


Books can teach you new skills.


Crocheting anyone?  No?  Just me?  Okay then…


Books give you much needed alone time.


Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we need an escape from our daily stresses.  Opening up a good book can allow you to turn your worries off for a while and just be alone for a bit.


Books can lead you to new movies and T.V. series’ to watch (if you can tear yourself away from the book).


Honestly, most of the T.V. shows and movies won’t be as good as the books, but they may tide you over until you find a new book to read.


At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that reading makes life better.  Maybe it’s just in one small way at a time, but it always does.  Is there a certain book that has changed you?




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