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7 bookplates you’ll love

Most of my life, people have borrowed books from me.  Some of the time those poor little novels haven’t made it back to my bookshelf.  And if they did, they weren’t always returned in the same condition in which they left.  People aren’t always as careful with your possessions as you’d like them to be.  Personally I think if I’d had some of these bookplates for my precious collection, most of my (book-related) problems would be solved.  A bookplate tells the borrower that this book is precious to someone and should be treated with care.  A bookplate says, “My owner loves me and would like for you to not fold my pages over, read me near any body of water that I could fall into, drink your sure-to-stain wine, or eat your melty chocolate s’more while turning my crisp like-new pages”.  True story.  It really says all of that.  Oh and, “RETURN OR ELSE” in a nice, non-threatening way.

“But Katie, where can I find a bookplate that says all of that and still comes in a small, easy to use package?”

I’m glad you asked.  You can find them here:


  1. This beautiful custom stamp.  There’s just something so fun about stamps and ink pads.  From address labels to scrapbooking to bookplates, the customization is endless.  You can order yours from etsy and start stamping away!


2. Simple yet elegant mint and gold bookplates.  I sort of have an obsession with mint green and the gold print sets it off nicely.  You can order your set of 20 here.



3. For the world traveler in your life and the book that’s traveled the globe inside his/her carry-on.  Order yours here.



4. These would come in handy in a classroom.  Stick the cute label inside the cover of your library books and decrease the chances of your students keeping part of your most prized collection.  A set of 80 stickers should be enough to get a a portion of your favorite children’s books labeled.



5. There’s just something so beautiful about the clean lines of this calligraphy stamp.  Sometimes less is more right?  Get your ex libris stamp here.



6. Baby books are a great baby shower gift and adding a package of these for the mama-to-be to label her books would be so cute!



7. If your bookshelf has somehow become a library for your friends and family, keep track of all your books with these adorable library loan cards.



If you can’t stand the thought of marking up a book in any way, maybe just place a card or bookmark inside the front cover to help others return your *undamaged* book to its rightful owner.




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